Our newest jewellery designer is… YOU!

Although I was raised in the jewellery business, I would be considered what’s commonly referred to as “shoemaker’s kid”. I say this because for the better part of my life, all I ever wore was my engagement ring and wedding band (sometimes only the band) and maybe one other ring (usually given to me by my mother).

It isn’t that I don’t like jewellery, trust me, I do. It’s just that a) I was surrounded by it all the time so yes, I took it for granted; b) I inherited stuff over the years that I hadn’t personally picked out, and, like clothes, I have my own style and like to piece my own items together, thank you (even though half the time I still look like my mother dresses me).

When I decided to get back into the jewellery business (after years of Corporate Communications work), I was pleasantly surprised to see how some things had stayed the course. This made me happy because it gave me just enough warm & fuzzies so I could hit the ground running. However, I was equally happy, if not more so, to discover and learn about some of the new technological advances that had taken place in the business. Now, THAT I loved because I’m a nerdy geek at heart.

One of these technological advances involves putting designing capability back in the client’s hands, as it were. You see, with all of the cookie cutter options available out there for rings and pendants, sometimes you just want to be able to whip up your own piece that truly speaks to you and will encapsulate the emotion in precious metal and stone.

OK, let’s be clear. You’re not suddenly becoming a gemologist and goldsmith overnight. Nor do you have to sport a welding mask, brandish a soldering gun or get dangerously close to a gold smelting furnace. Rather, you get to let your imagination run wild while pointing at pictures, shapes, and colours. You get to hear yourself tell your story of how you met your better half, or what your grandmother was like and how these stories can best be captured in YOUR creation.

I originally was going to get into an essay on the program we use here to help design jewellery and how each step works (nerdy, geeky, Corporate Communication moment). Instead, I decided to leave it to the experts who spent good money and time creating this 4-minute video that explains all of that. Check it out below.

What we’ll be doing over the next few weeks is showcasing some great designs and their accompanying stories, and yes, we’ll have pictures to show for it.

As for me, I’ve revisited my jewellery box and looking at its content with new eyes. I’m now working on my own new creations that will be uniquely mine. Stay tuned - I’ll share my progress here in these blog pages, too.

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