Buying a Diamond Online? Here are 5 Points to Consider

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Like a lot of purchases, it’s not unusual to start the search based on price. However, when it comes to diamonds (or any gemstone, for that matter), it’s important to consider other aspects that make each diamond unique.

We suggest that you purchase your diamond from a trusted source after having personally viewed and selected it. Of course, diamonds are available for purchase online and sometimes people are tempted to buy based upon price alone. Before you make the leap, here are 5 pointers to consider when purchasing your diamond.

1. Compared to what? 

Even diamonds with the exact same grade can show up differently in a search. For example, the position of the inclusions in two diamonds with the same grade can affect the overall beauty of the stone. That’s why you need to review the stones yourself with the advice of experts. If you can connect with those experts through the website, then start by having the conversation with them and get some guidance on what to look for. If you can’t get to the store, then get them to send you clear photos of examples.

2. Certifications are not perfect.

Different gem labs have different standards for grading and, ultimately, a grade is one person’s opinion. When a diamond has a clarity, or cut grade that is borderline, the person doing the examination has to make a judgment call. And those calls affect the price of the diamond. An example of this is the fact that you will see a range of prices for diamonds that, from what you can see on the site, are equal in every way. Why? Because no two diamonds are alike — they are each as unique as you. Yet if we were to go by these grades alone, you would think that was not the case. Think figure skating – the person doing the judging might not be seeing the same thing you are. You be the judge.

3. So what's the point of a diamond search? 

A diamond search is useful for preliminary research as you figure out what your budget is and what a diamond may cost. You should regard diamond searches in the same way you look at dating sites. You wouldn’t marry somebody based upon the information presented on a dating site. You would want to meet them first so you can really get to know them. Diamonds are like that too, no two are the same and you really do have to ‘meet them’ before you get married. Contact the experts and “do coffee” with your prospective diamond.

4. There aren't many Canadian diamonds for sale online.

Most Canadian diamonds are not sold online but instead sold through respected and established jewellers, like TresOrs Jewellers. If you are looking for a Canadian diamond, contact the experts and find out what they can access for you. Chances are, they’ll be able to locate a wider number of diamonds than could ever be displayed on any site.

5. Romancing the Stone.

Web sites offer a fantastic research and education tool to help you understand the ins and outs of diamonds. Purchasing from a web site, however, can somewhat diminish the experience of shopping for a piece of diamond jewellery. We believe that when it comes to jewellery and things that mean something in your life, shopping can start online but it should end up with people like us who have the expertise to make your purchase special and memorable. 

For basic information, be sure to check out our blog post "The 4C's - a Visual Odyssey".

Let's face it, you're shopping for that symbol that will represent something significant in your life. It's all about the stories and when you talk about how you found that perfect piece, you want it to be special - the story you'll tell your grand-kids. Have the conversation with an expert and get the piece that’s perfect for you and start writing your story.


We hope that this helps you in your search. To help you get started, click here to access a Diamond Search engine that will scour the world for your stone. If you have any questions or comments, please reply to this post or contact us.


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  • Excellent !! Diamonds are everyone’s favorite. So while purchasing it, we need to be careful. Thank you for sharing this information.

    Pooja Verma on

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