ELLE Time and Jewelry

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Sleek, expressive and definitely chic, the ELLE Jewelry Collection is lovingly crafted from only 925 Sterling Silver. Each piece understands modern elegance and delivers luxury without being pretentious. The collection reigns in sensuality, simplicity and subtlety.

ELLE Jewelry features a signature created ruby trademark, which poignantly symbolizes a woman’s inner strength and beauty. The ruby is set in a square motif and its location changes with every piece, adding a personal touch with a beautiful and unique meaning for the woman who wears it.



The 4C's - A Visual Odyssey

If you're just starting your diamond search and aren't quite sure what to look for, here are 4 video clips from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) that can get you started.


Our newest jewellery designer is… YOU!

Ever dream of designing your own ring? Now you can! TresOrs Jewellers can help.


10 Rules for Popping the Question

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Is there a right way or a wrong way? Well, there can always be a better way. Here are some great suggestions from theplunge.com.



Buying a Diamond Online? Here are 5 Points to Consider

Like a lot of purchases, it’s not unusual to start the search based on price. However, when it comes to diamonds (or any gemstone, for that matter), it’s important to consider other aspects that make each diamond unique...


Welcome To TresOrs

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TresOrs Jewellers specializes in fine jewellery, providing a full range of services including custom design, jewellery & watch repair, cleaning, engraving, and appraisals.

Our distinctive selection and competitive pricing draw you in. Our commitment to making every jewellery purchase an emotional investment keeps you coming back.

We put the “special” in ANY occasion.

Come find your “treasure” at TresOrs Jewellers.


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